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Author Ravish Patwardhan On Aspects of Space Exploration and Knowledge

Ravish Patwardhan had an early introduction to the stars in space, particularly the north star.  His father, a merchant marine ship captain, navigated the oceans at a time predating GPS.  Using instruments of the time such as a compass, a sextant, a divider, and charts of longitude and latitude, with most messages transmitted by Morse code, Patwardhan was introduced to constellations as they pertained to navigation.

Later, having purchased a telescope, Patwardhan sought to try to identify constellations.  Topics of space exploration, as popularized by NASA’s moon mission the decades prior and sci-fi shows, led to a fascination with exploration.  But beyond Star Wars and Star Trek, via schools in Los Angeles to the Griffith Park Observatory, science fiction seemed trumped by the reality of what was displayed at the planetarium and by NASA’s ever-improving images.

The realizations about physics, ability to predict comets and asteroid paths, and newer launches including the Hubble telescope, Mars rover, and spacecrafts expanding away from earth, all contributed to this fascination.  Theoretical bases such as Einstein’s theory of relativity, concepts of black holes and imploding/exploding stars, and the possible correlation of the Higgs boson, all contributed to an importance of space in Patwardhan’s conceptualization.

As an admitted novice in this field but enthusiastic about learning more about space and its implications from the perspective of a layperson, Patwardhan presents the articles in consideration of “past, present, and future” in the topic of space being considered.

As the concept of space gains traction in the present-day in preparation for the near future, Virgin Galactic and Space X are among those leading the charge replacing the presently retired Space Shuttle program.  An international space station exists, with living humans for over a year now.  The U.S. is committing to a program for Mars exploration potentially involving humans.  Scientific experiments continue to be developed and furthered, as we learn more.  A spacecraft was landed on the comet.  By considering even some of these implications, Ravish Patwardhan presents a synopsis of outer space, which ironically is modeled by “inner space” by testing weak energy from the Higgs boson here on earth (!)…

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